About Your Village Geek


If there is one thing I have learned in my 15 years of working in the field of Technology, it is that you can never stop learning about technology. I have worked everywhere from the military, schools, in house IT support, and as an MSP (Managed Service Provider). I have found that as technology constantly evolves, there is always something to learn or discover. Even in fields of technology that I consider myself an expert in, I continually find other who will perform tasks differently, or who discovered something I didn't know.

I am often asked why I have this page, and why I don't charge people to help them with their computers. One reason is every time I help someone, even on something I have done over and over, I find that I will still learn something new every time I do it. Another reason is that I don't just fix someone's computer for them, I teach them how I fixed it, and what they can do to not run into the issue again.